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NBA Nightly 3-11-10

In NBA on March 11, 2010 at 10:44 am

Welcome back to the NBA Nightly folks. The only blemish on my record last night was the Raptors no show in Sacramento, which left me sitting at 8-1 for the evening. Add in Friday’s picks and I’m 18-2 in my last 20, not too shabby. Cassie is on a roll herself going 7-2 last night, here are our records as of now (not including Friday):

The Sports Authority: 45-17

Cassie W.: 41-21

As always you can see her picks and all the other great features on her blog over at

And now on to the picks!

 Hawks (40-23) vs. Wizards (21-40) – What do you get when you cross the third best team in the East (sorry Celtic fans) with the team that has faced more turmoil this season than the rest of the NBA combined? A blow out win for the Hawks. I don’t see this one being close, Atlanta is a good road team but could be better and a game against the Wizards tonight should help them boost that record. Hawks 104, Wizards 92

Bulls (31-32) vs. Magic (45-20) – In a match-up between a power house squad and a team on the rise, the Magic host the Bulls. The battle of the point guards should be very interesting in this one as Derrick Rose goes at Jameer Nelson. I expect a big game from Rose but not quite big enough to win it. The Magic should show the difference between an NBA elite like themselves, and a young team on the rise like the Bulls. Magic 101, Bulls 95

Blazers (38-28) vs. Warriors (17-46)- On paper, this looks like a blow-out in the making. The Blazers are EIGHTEEN games better than the Warriors, and are a pretty decent road team. However the Warriors are a much better home team than road team, 13 of their 17 wins have come at home and they are always a threat when playing with that raucous crowd behind them. This game will be closer than expected, but big games from Brandon Roy and Lamarcus Aldridge will push the Blazers to victory. Blazers 113, Warriors 107


NBA Nightly 3-10-10

In NBA on March 10, 2010 at 6:24 pm

Sorry folks been busy busy with Finals coming up, here are my picks for tonights games and I’ll give you an updated record on my competition with Cassie tomorrow!

Bobcats over 76ers

Grizzlies over Celtics

Jazz over Pistons

Heat over Clippers

Nuggets over Wolves

Thunder over Hornets

Mavs over Nets

Spurs over Knicks

Raptors over Kings

NBA Nightly 3-5-10

In NBA on March 5, 2010 at 11:59 am

What’s up folks? Today is an incredibly busy day for me so I’m going to have to just give you the picks without any analysis, sorry guys. Last night was horrendous, I went 1-2 and Cassie went 0-3 so our records currently look like this:

The Sports Authority: 37-16

Cassie W.: 34-19

You can find her picks and more over at

And now the picks!

Cavs 104, Pistons 92

Celtics 100, 76ers 93

Bucks 94, Wizards 90

Raptors 105, Knicks 100

Lakers 101, Bobcats 98

Hawks 111, Warriors 98

Magic 113, Nets 99

Mavs 103, Kings 91

Nuggets 103, Pacers 84

Spurs 99, Hornets 93

Thunder 104, Clippers 99

NBA Nightly 3-4-10

In NBA on March 4, 2010 at 10:17 am

Welcome back folks to the NBA Nightly. Last night worked out pretty well in the predictions, except the Bobcats never showed up in Boston. After a 9-3 night for me and a 10-2 night for Cassie our records look like this:

The Sports Authority: 36-14

Cassie W.: 34-16

You can find her predictions and more over at

And now on to the picks!

Grizzlies (31-30) @ Bulls (31-29) – In a battle of two teams fighting for playoff spots in their respective conferences, the Grizzlies visit the Bulls in Chicago. Memphis coming off of a hard fought win last night against the Hornets, a game they took by just four in a 104-100 win. The Bulls meanwhile are rested and have been playing up and down as of late, yet are still in contention for a spot. With the Grizzlies facing the second game of a road back-to-back and having fought through a grueling game last night, I see the fresher Bulls young legs carrying them in this one. Look for Derrick Rose to have a field day against the Grizzlies point guards (or lack thereof). Bulls 101, Grizzlies 95

Lakers (46-15) @ Heat (30-31) – Last time these two teams met, the Sports Authority was in the house as Kobe Bryant hit one of those how-the-hell-did-he-make-that shots to win the game at the buzzer over the outstretched arm of Dwyane Wade. Trust me, after seeing that shot live, the countless video replays we’ve seen don’t do it justice. Miami has been struggling lately, dealing with injuries and trying to stay in the playoff hunt. It took a 35 point, 12 assist game the last time out for the Heat to hold on against the lowly Warriors. The Lakers meanwhile continue to roll along as they await the real season to begin in April, and are in a chase for home-court advantage against the Cavs. This is the first game of a tough back-to-back for the Lakers who will head to Charlotte tomorrow night, and I think they start it off a prolonged stretch of road games with a win tonight. Look for Kobe and D-Wade to have s hoot out and defend each other all game. Lakers 103, Heat 98

Jazz (38-22) @ Suns (39-24) – In a game of opposites, the Jazz head to Phoenix to take on the Suns. Phoenix wants to run, run, run, run, run and run some more, while Utah is looking to slow things down, run their pick and roll until it bores you to death, and then walk out of a half-sleeping building with a win. In all honesty, this game has a great match up of point guards as Deron Williams goes head-to-head with Steve Nash. However Williams should punish Nash in the post, off the dribble, you name it, while Nash should be able to run by Williams and initiate his teams shoot-first, ask questions later offense. While this will be a high scoring game, expect the Jazz to pull it out as the Suns play the second of a back-to-back tonight. Jazz 105, Suns 102

NBA Nightly 3-3-10

In NBA on March 3, 2010 at 11:22 am

Welcome back to NBA Nightly folks. After a light day on the schedule last night, the NBA has a full slate of action for us this evening with 12 games. After both of us going 4-0 last night, my friendly competition with Cassie over at the Block Radio ( our records currently look like this:

The Sports Authority: 27-11

Cassie W.: 24-14

And now on to the picks!

76ers (22-37) @ Hawks (38-21) – The Sixers head into this one in disarray, having just lost Allen Iverson for the season due to a sickness in the family. While the Hawks meanwhile are soaring as they have been all season and looking to claim the number two spot in the East. The Hawks are one of the best home teams in the league and should take advantage of a tired Sixers squad tonight. Hawks 107, Sixers 94

Warriors (17-42) @ Magic (41-20) – The Warriors are coming off a tough loss at Miami last night in a game they could have easily won. The Magic meanwhile are on a roll, the competition from the Hawks for the two spot has kept them focused and they are now rounding into shape as the playoffs near. Now if only they could figure out how to get Dwight Howard the ball inside. Howard should have a HUGE game tonight against the under-sized, under-manned Warriors. Magic 111, Warriors 100

Bobcats (28-30) @ Celtics (37-21) – This should be a very interesting game in Boston tonight when the Celts host the Bobcats. It’s no secret to anyone that the C’s are struggling right now, coming off an embarrassing loss to the Nets and then struggling last night to put away the Pistons. The Bobcats meanwhile are in the hunt for their first ever playoff spot, and a win tonight in Boston could go a long way towards that. I think the Bobcats go into Beantown and leave with a win tonight. Bobcats 99, Celtics 95

Cavs (47-14) @ Nets (6-53) – Now looking at this game, it’s very easy to write off the Nets and say the Cavs win it by 40, but think about this for a second. The Nets just beat the Celtics in Boston, are playing with a ton of confidence and would be the worst team record-wise to ever beat a team with a record as good as Clevelands this late in the season. If that’s not motivation enough, the Nets could go a long way in showing Bron they have some talent to look at when he’s a Free Agent, and… oh who am I kidding, Cavs win, HUGE. Cavs 109, Nets 84

Pistons (21-39) @ Knicks (20-39) – The Pistons are coming off of a tough loss last night against the Celtics in a game that was much closer than most people expected. The Knicks meanwhile are still trying to find chemistry after the flurry of trades at the deadline and are taking things a game at a time. The Knicks hold a slight advantage here as the Pistons are tired and playing in the second game of a back-to-back, which should be enough to give the Knicks a win. Knicks 103, Pistons 98

Grizzlies (30-30) @ Hornets (31-30) – In a game that could become important when playoff seedings are set, the Hornets host the Grizzlies in New Orleans. It’s no secret that the Grizzlies are struggling right now, and could really use a win tonight as a shot in the arm to jolt them out of this funk. The Hornets meanwhile are playing much better without Chris Paul than anyone thought they would be. Darren Collison has played like a mad man since Paul went out, and despite a loss to the Mavs their last time out, the Hornets are playing with a lot of confidence. The Grizzlies struggles and the Hornets team chemistry are enough to give New Orleans the edge. Hornets 101, Grizzlies 100

Wizards (21-36) @ Bucks (30-29) – This should be a game that features a good battle inside between Andrew Bogut and the suddenly-playing-with-All-Star-numbers Andray Blatche. However the Bucks need this win to continue their playoff push, and the Wizards are, well they’re the Wizards. Bucks 99, Wizards 91

Timberwolves (14-47) @ Mavericks (40-21) – One of the worst teams in the league takes on one of the hottest when the T’Wolves visit the Mavs tonight. Dallas has won 7 of 8 and is on a roll after their deadline deal, while the Wolves are still just trying to figure out what line-up will help them compete. Dallas also still remembers the Wolves knocking them off earlier in the season, and should be out for some revenge tonight. Mavs 105, Wolves 92

Kings (20-40) @ Rockets (30-29) – In a match up of trade-deadline partners, the Rockets host the Kings in H-town tonight. Kevin Martin will get his first chance to get at the Kings since the trade, and Tyreke Evans will get his first chance to outplay Martin and show exactly why Sacramento traded Martin to hand the reigns to the team over to Evans. Another player who might have a big impact inside is Carl Landry, former Rockets sixth man extraordinaire who is now the starter for the Kings. Should be an interesting game, but the home squad will pull it out. Rockets 97, Kings 89

Thunder (36-23) @ Nuggets (39-21) – In what is easily the game of the night, the Nuggets host the up and coming Thunder in Denver. OKC is coming off of an impressive win last night against Sacramento in which Kevin Durant (39-10 boards) and Russell Westbrook (30-10 assists) became the first teammates EVER under the age of 22 to both have a 30-10 in the same game. The Nuggets meanwhile are coming off of a loss to the Lakers on Sunday that they have had three full days to stew over and think about. Although I think the Thunder will give them a good game, the rested Nuggets should handle business against an OKC team playing the second game of a back-to-back. Nuggets 101, Thunder 98

Pacers (20-40) @ Blazers (36-27) – This one is easy, the Pacers are coming off a beat down at the hands of the Lakers, and now travel to what is probably the toughest road arena in Portland, and take on the Blazers in the second game of a back-to-back. Expect big games from Lamarcus Aldridge and Brandon Roy. Blazers 101, Pacers 88

Suns (38-24) @ Clippers (25-35) – In the final game of the evening the Clippers host the Suns at Staples. This should be a fun and high-scoring game between two offensive-minded teams. Baron Davis should have a big game tonight, exploiting his size advantage over Steve Nash and also exploiting the fact that Nash doesn’t play much defense. However Nash and his teammates should also exploit the fact that the Clippers play no defense, and pull out a win on the road. Suns 113, Clippers 104

NBA Nightly 3-1-10

In NBA on March 2, 2010 at 10:21 am

Welcome back folks, sorry for the hiatus I was on the road a lot over the weekend and couldn’t get to a laptop to make picks. But I’m back now and ready for another week of NBA Nightly. After last week my friendly competition with Cassie over at the Block Radio looks like this:

The Sports Authority: 23-11

Cassie W.: 20-14

A slight edge that makes me feel anything but comfortable. As always you can check Cassie’s picks and all the other cool things the Block Radio puts up over at their site at

And now on to the picks!

Celtics (36-21) @ Pistons (21-38) – Normally, this would be an easy pick to make. The Celtics are one of the East’s better teams and the Pistons are one of its cellar-dwellers. But the Celtics are coming off a loss at home to the lowly Nets, one that was so embarrassing it just affected the last sentence where I said the Celtics were one of the better teams and not an elite one. They are no longer elite, so games like this are no longer guarantees. However the Pistons are coming off of a long road trip and are sure to be tired, while the Celts are sure to be motivated to get that disgusting taste out of their mouths from the loss to the Nets. Celtics 97, Pistons 89

Warriors (17-41) @ Heat (29-31) – In a game that should be fun to watch, Dwyane Wade and the Heat host Steph Curry and the Warriors. Curry has been making a push into Rookie of the Year consideration with his eye-popping stats since the turn of the calendar, however those numbers are inflated because well, he plays for the Warriors. Wade’s Heat meanwhile have fallen to 9th in the East as of today and are on the outside looking in to the playoff party. This game should be an opportunity to get the Miami offense rolling since Golden State doesn’t play much defense. I expect a huge game from Wade and a nice confidence-booster from Michael Beasley. Heat 110, Warriors 103

Kings (20-39) @ Thunder (35-23) – In a game that features perhaps the best head-to-head match up of the night, the streaking Thunder host the struggling Kings. Tyreke Evans is the Rookie of the Year favorite, and tonight will face off against Russell Westbrook, who might quietly be playing the best ball of any point guard since Feb. 1st. Westbrook just finished off a month in which he averaged 19 points, 10 dimes and 7 boards per, all while being over-shadowed in Kevin Durant’s (very much deserving) hype. The Thunder are a scary team and will give someone plenty of problems come playoff time. I see them winning big at home tonight. Thunder 106 – Kings 93

Pacers (20-39) @ Lakers (45-15) – One of the NBA’s worst road teams takes on one of the NBA’s best home teams when the Pacers visit the Lakers. The only thing about this game that might be semi-interesting is that it is a rematch of the 2000 Finals that set off a Laker dynasty and gave Kobe his first ring. The Lakers should win this one easily, expect a big game from Andrew Bynum and also for Ron Artest to continue making a case for Defensive Player of the Year against Pacers scorer Danny Granger. Lakers 104, Pacers 88