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Football Forecast: Wild Card Weekend

In General, NFL on January 7, 2010 at 10:29 am

What’s up guys? So the NFL playoffs start this weekend with the Wild Card games, and I figured I’d try and take a shot at making some picks. Here’s just a quick Football Forecast for you guys, let’s see if you can pick it any better.

New York Jets at

 Cincinnati Bengals: Let’s get the easiest pick out of the way now. The Bengals should come out and dominate this game from start to finish. The Jets are only in the playoffs because they got two wins against the Colts and Bengals, both of which basically laid down and handed over the games because they had nothing to play for.  Once the playoffs start anything is possible in theory, especially when you have one of the top ranked defenses in the league. But offensively I just don’t think the Jets can move the ball, not with a rookie quarterback in Mark Sanchez (a childhood friend so don’t call me a hater) who is playing in a playoff atmosphere for the first time. The Bengals should make quick work and give us the only blow-out of the day.

Benglas 27, Jets 10

Baltimore Ravens at

 New England Patriots: Now the picks start getting difficult to make. A couple of weeks ago I probably would have said hands down the Pats take this game, but after Wes Welkers devastating knee injury last week, I’m not as confident in them. The Pats offense will be key, because the more they can score, the more pressure they can put on the Ravens offense. Baltimore likes to run and use short passes, but if the Pats can jump out to a lead it will force the Ravens to be more aggressive and could work in New Englands favor. For the Ravens D this might be their last hurrah so to speak. Ray Lewis isn’t getting any younger and eventually this is going to become a team more known for its offense than its defense. Although I think the Ravens defense can win this game by itself, the Pats offense does just enough to squeak out a win and head to San Diego next week.

Patriots 24, Ravens 21

Green Bay Packers at

Arizona Cardinals: This game is probably the most difficult to pick for me. The Packers are simply on fire, having won 7 of 8, with the only loss coming on a last second TD by the Steelers in Pittsburgh. Arizona meanwhile, is once again being overlooked as the playoffs start, and we all know what happened last season. This game has all the makings of an exciting shoot-out between two teams with big-armed quarterbacks and explosive receivers. The difference in this game is going to come down to defenses, and they key match-up will be Charles Woodson and Larry Fitzgerald. If Woodson can contain Fitzgerald the Packers will win, plain and simple. If not, well we all remember what Fitz did last season in the playoffs. As much as I hate picking against a home-team in the playoffs, I think the Packers squeak out a win in a thriller.

Packers 35, Cardinals 34

Philadelphia Eagles at

Dallas Cowboys: A week after getting spanked 24-0 in a winner-takes-all division title game, the Eagles return to the scene of the crime to take on the Cowboys. Two weeks ago I’m picking the Eagles without a doubt. There’s no way I have any faith in Tony Romo to lead a team come playoff time. Well, then Week 17 happened and now I don’t even know what’s going on in the world. The Cowboys (!) suddenly look like a sleeper Super Bowl candidate, and the Eagles suddenly are very vulnerable. They were swept by the Boys in the regular season, and their offense hasn’t done anything in two meetings with Dallas. Desean Jackson has been shut down and the Eagles have suffered because of it. It pains me to say this, but the Cowboys have looked great the past couple of weeks, beating the Saints and Eagles in games that mattered. Man this prediction sucks.

Cowboys 21, Eagles 17

  1. You are right but there is always hope the bums will pull it out. I hate dallas

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