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NBA Power Rankings 11-2-09

In 1, NBA on November 2, 2009 at 11:25 am

What’s up guys? Welcome back to a new week of The Sport Authority. Let’s kick it off with an NBA Power Rankings, the top 5 teams in the NBA after the first week with explanations, followed by the remaining 25 teams in order. Some of you might be surprised with the order of the other teams, just remember a winless team might not necessarily be worse than a team with a win, take for example the Clippers, 0-4 but with losses against tough competition, and the Bobcats, 1-2, but with a loss where they scored 59 points and the only win coming against the cellar-dwelling Knicks.

5. Denver Nuggets (3-0)-

The Nuggets are off to a great start and two words can explain why, Carmelo Anthony. Denver opened up with a tough back-to-back, taking on Utah at home before going to Portland and ended up winning both, getting 30 and then 41 from Melo during those two games. Only three games in the Nuggets are making a serious case to the third-best team in the West status. We know they’re going to score, but the defense will decide if this team keeps winning. Through one week, that’s exactly what they’ve done.

4. San Antonio Spurs (2-1)-

The first team to make a splash this off-season, the Spurs have looked just like a team that is still adjusting to their new pieces. Dejuan Blair was impressive in his debut, notching a double-double, but Richard Jefferson has struggles his first few games as a Spur. Regardless, you get the feeling he’ll adjust quickly and the Spurs we see will be more like the team that dominated the Hornets opening night, not the team that struggled against the Bulls the next night.

3. Los Angeles Lakers (2-1) –

One bad loss and you think I’m going to drop the defending champs out of my top five? You’ve got to be crazy. Look we all knew there would be an adjustment period with Ron Artest involved, and with Pau Gasol out of all games so far this season, the Lakers looked sluggish and like anything but Champions in that loss to Dallas. But just in case you were wondering if the Lakers were falling apart, all you had to do was watch the third quarter of last night’s game against Atlanta to remember exactly what makes this team so dangerous. An 18-0 run in what seemed like two minutes put the game away just like that. And Ron Artest completely shut down Joe Johnson after he put up 20 points in literally ten minutes. This team is still the most dangerous team in the league, regardless of what one off-night the first week of the season tells you. However, if they don’t get it together QUICK, they will fall way behind the other top teams in the league in the race for the best record in the League.

2. Orlando Magic (3-0)-

After making a trade for Vince Carter, losing Hedo Turkoglu, finding out Rashard Lewis would be suspended the first ten games of the season, and realizing it would be difficult to adjust all at once, it would not have surprised anyone if the Magic had stumbled out of the gate. Add on an ankle sprain suffered by Carter in the second game, and you have “slow start” written all over this team. But not Orlando, they just plug in Ryan Andersen and keep on chugging, rolling out to a 3-0 start and not missing a beat despite missing to key cogs to their team. Honestly, if I’m Boston and LA right now I’m definitely worrying about what Orlando looks like at full strength.

1. Boston Celtics (3-0):

The following sentence is going to kill me to write, but in the honor of professional journalism I must say it, gulp, after one week, the Boston Celtics are the scariest team in the League. My fingertips burn a little from writing that. In all seriousness though folks, the Celtics came out this week and made the biggest opening statement. They go in to Cleveland on Opening Night, and do something only the Lakers did last season, beat the Cavs with Lebron in Cleveland. Then the next night they go home and hold the Bobcats to 59 points…. for the entire game. Granted it’s only the Bobcats, but to hold any NBA team to under 60 for a game, on the second night of a back-to-back no less, is very impressive. Hopefully Boston only holds this spot for one more week, I don’t know if I could heap any more praise on them without wanting to bash  my own head in with my laptop.

The Rest:

6. Dallas Mavericks

7. Washington Wizards

8. Miami Heat

9. Cleveland Cavaliers

10. Houston Rockets

11. Atlanta Hawks

12. Phoenix Suns

13. Portland Trailblazers

14. Oklahoma City Thunder

15. Philadelphia 76ers

16. New Orleans Hornets

17. Chicago Bulls

18. Utah Jazz

19.Toronto Raptors

20. Milwaukee Bucks

21. Detroit Pistons

22. Memphis Grizzlies

23. Los Angeles Clippers

24. Minnesota Timberwolves

25. Golden State Warriors

26. Charlotte Bobcats

27. Indiana Pacers

28. New Jersey Nets

29. Sacramento Kings

30. New York Knicks

  1. Loving the blog bill! Great reads :), keep em coming

  2. I do think the Celtics are the team to beat in the East. They were extremely competitive last year, but injuries ruined their chance at a title. If they can stay healthy, Cleveland and Orlando should be worried, but Boston should still be scared of the world champs!

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