Belal Abdelfattah Presents:

The Putback 10-30-09

In 1 on October 30, 2009 at 10:33 am

What’s up guys? So since we didn’t get a Putback yesterday, I’m going to try and roll two of them into today’s. I’ll just quickly recap the main stories from the NBA so far, an NFL headline and then discuss the first two games of the World Series.


Melo on a Mission:

Although we don’t know what the Denver Nuggets will bring to the table this season, one thing is for sure, Carmelo Anthony will score and score a lot. In his first two games this season Melo has put up 30 and 41. That 41 was insane for a couple of reasons, first, it was on the road in Portland, where any Lakers fan knows is hard as hell to win. Furthermore, it was on the second game of a back-to-back when most players are tired and their scoring drops. Melo might not make MVP noise, but he will definitely be up there in scoring when it’s all said and done this season.

Cavs Crumbling?

What is wrong with the Cavs? Two games in and we’re already starting to question this whole Shaq thing. Granted its premature to start saying tear it down and the Shaq trade was all wrong, but there are some serious flaws that need to be looked at by the team that had the NBA’s best record last season. Lebron can’t do it all on his own again, there’s just no way, the Celtics and Magic are too stacked, and at this rate Cleveland won’t even make it out of the second round. It will be interesting to see how Shaq and Lebron adjust to each other, and which of his teammates will step up and offer some support. Who would have thought a week into the NBA season and 7 weeks into the NFL season the teams with the best records last year would be winless?

Mighty Magic:

One team that looked very impressive their first game was the defending Eastern Conference champion Magic. They came out in their opener against a Philly team many expect to challenge for a playoff birth and completely dominated them, reaching 100 points before the fourth quarter and leading by 31 after three. They were outscored by 17 in the fourth and still won by 14. Balanced scoring outside and dominating Dwight Howard inside made everyone forget Rashard Lewis is serving a 10-game suspension. Cleveland and Boston might get they hype, but Orlando is the team to beat in the East.

Celtic Pride:

Speaking of impressive first games, Boston has turned in two equally impressive wins to start the season, but achieved them in dramatically different ways. Opening night took the Celtics to Cleveland, where the did what only the Lakers could do last season, beat the Cavs at home with Lebron playing. It was a great opening statement win, and one they followed up with an even more impressive win the next night, holding the Bobcats to a franchise-low 59 points. Keep in mind some people expect Charlotte to compete for a playoff spot, and they were catching Boston on the second game of a back-to-back, yet Boston still held them under 60 for the entire game.

Vince Young:

Quick NFL updated here, the 0-6 Titans, coming off a season last year where they had the best record in the NFL, have decided to bench Kerry Collins in favor of Vince Young. Logically speaking, this is probably Youngs last chance to prove he can run an NFL team. I know a lot of people hate on VY, but the guy wins games. He’s 19-11 in his career as a starter, he’s just a little nuts sometimes. I think he knows this is his one chance to save himself from bust-status, and he might just win the Titans a couple of games.


World Series:

Two games into the World Series and a couple of things are clear, the umps are going to blow a whole lot of calls, and the team with the best pitching will win this series. In Game 1 Cliff Lee came out and shut down the Bronx Bombers, in a complete-game domination to allow Philly to steal away home-field advantage. In Game 2, AJ Burnett was the man who dominated, limiting the might Philly offense to one run to help the Yanks even the Series. This thing might go 7 games and with two equally powerful line-ups, it will come down to whose pitching is the most dominant.


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