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Friday Football Forecast: Week 8

In 1, NFL on October 30, 2009 at 10:35 am

What’s up guys? I greatly apologize for the lack of an article yesterday, school and life has been extremely hectic but I’m back in full force. Here’s another weekly segment I want to have every Friday, a quick prediction of every NFL game this weekend, and even a prediction for some big top 25 college football games, hope you guys enjoy, and please PROVIDE FEEDBACK!

Miami Dolphins – New York Jets:

This one is an interesting pick because the Jets are reeling after their 3-0 start, going 1-3 with only a win against the Raiders, who I think my intramural team would put up a good fight against. The Dolphins are coming off a low of blowing a three touchdown lead at home to the undefeated Saints. That’s something that is hard to recover from, so I’m going Jets simply because this is a home game for them.

Jets 21, Dolphins 13

New York Giants – Philadelphia Eagles:

This game has HUGE division title implications. The Giants come in at 5-2, having lost two straight since a 5-0 start, the Eagles are at 4-2 coming off win last week to bounce back from their loss to the Oakland Raiders of the NCAA. I think the Giants have big plans in mind this season while the Eagles have been too inconsistent for my liking, this is a big road win for the G-Men in a season that could be full of big wins.

Giants 24, Eagles 17

Denver Broncos – Baltimore Ravens:

If after Week 3 when both of these teams were 3-0 I asked you which team would be 6-0 and which would be 3-3 heading into this game, I think 99% of us would have said the Ravens will be undefeated and the Broncos will have fallen back down to Earth. Shockingly it’s the opposite of that, the Broncos are flying and the Ravens are reeling. Which is EXACTLY why this is my Upset Special of the Week. The Ravens will finally knock the Broncos from the ranks of the unbeaten and regain some mojo for their season in a must-win.

Ravens 27, Broncos 14

Houston Texans – Buffalo Bills:

Shockingly, Matt Schaub is atop the leader board for passing yards in the NFL. And the Bills are, well the Bills. This is a team that lost to Cleveland whose quarterback completed TWO passes the ENTIRE game. Needless to say Schaub will do better than that, and unfortunately for the Bills this game won’t be close. Get TO the ball already!

Texans 31, Bills 6

Cleveland Browns – Chicago Bears

This one is simple and easy to pick, the Browns are terrible, the Bears are coming off a HORRIBLE loss at the hands of the Bengals. This game will be a rebound for the Bears and an easy confidence-builder. Jay Cutler should have one of those games that remind people why the Bears jumped at the opportunity to trade for him.

Bears 34, Browns 3

Seattle Seahawks – Dallas Cowboys:

Tony Romo is coming of a huge high from a big-time win against the Falcons in which he (FINALLY!) looked like the quarterback everyone has hyped him to be. For once, he stepped up and showed us why everyone thinks he’s an elite quarterback. Now let’s see if he can actually do it for two straight games. He will be shaky, but the running game should have enough support for a win.

Cowboys 21, Seahawks 17

St. Louis Rams – Detroit Lions:

This one has GAME OF THE WEEK written all over it…. NOT. This is a game pitting two of the cellar-dwellers in the league, one that will probably be blacked out across the entire country and rightfully so, if any of you get this game you need to contact Fox and ask for a refund, because they are wasting your electricity. I think the Lions will take this opportunity to double their win total to two…. and to also keep up their hope that the Rams finish 0-16 so they are no longer the only team to do it. Lions in a shoot-out (that’s what in the business call sarcasm)

Lions 13, Rams 9

San Francisco 49ers – Indianapolis Colts:

This one has upset potential, after a 2-1 start that was a Brett Favre miracle away from 3-0, the Niners looked like a playoff team, until they showed us they’re not. They turn to Alex Smith this weekend after he nearly brought them to a second half comeback against the Texans, and his teammates will be looking to pick him up and build his confidence. The only thing from the Niners I want to see is Michael Crabtree, that kid is going to explode soon. The Colts are undefeated, at home, and have Peyton Manning beating up on defenses like he’s playing Madden in Rookie mode. Advantage: Colts.

Colts 31, Niners 17

Jacksonville Jaguars – Tennessee Titans:

Zzzzzzzz, that will be me during this game. This is a snooze-fest, two inept offenses going at it. The Titans are finally starting Vince Young at quarterback and giving him another chance to prove to us that he is an NFL-type player, and not just the kind of guy who had one amazing college game. This should be a boring game no doubt, but the Titans are better than 0-6 and will pick up their first win and kick-off VY-Mania.

Titans 17, Jaguars 13

Oakland Raiders – San Diego Chargers:

Last time these two met was Opening weekend on Monday Night Football. It took a Chargers comeback drive and late Darren Sproles TD to secure the win, and made us all think that maybe the Raiders had graduated from NCAA status. But I think we can all agree that they have gone back to that standing, and maybe even dropped to NCAA D2 status with the great passing game they have. This one shouldn’t be close, the Chargers are out to catch up to the Broncos in a division they were supposed to have no trouble with.

Chargers 35, Raiders 13

Carolina Panthers – Arizona Cardinals:

If we looked at this game before the season started we would have big anticipation for it. Steve Smith! Larry Fitzgerald! The defending NFC Champs! The defending NFC South Champs! Now we look at it like this: Cardinals suck, Panthers suck and are boring, and this game needs to end quickly.

Cardinals 24, Panthers 13

Minnesota Vikings – Green Bay Packers:

Now we can really get to the Game of the Week. Look, we all know the story-lines, Favre back to Lambeau! He’s a traitor! He’s the Vikings savior! He’s…. annoying the hell out of all of us. Look the bottom line is this, there will be an entire stadium of people cheering for him again, during intros. Then when the game starts, he will become the most hated Viking of all-time. Unfortunately for the Packers, he’s got this running back named Adrian Peterson, and well he will control this entire game. It’s prime-time on NBC, which is when the stars come out, and this will be AP’s break-out game of the season.

Vikings 24, Packers 21

Atlanta Falcons – New Orleans Saints:
We know who the Saints are, high-scoring, offensive juggernaut. They came back from a 24-3 deficit last week for a 46-34 road win against Miami. We have no idea who the Falcons are, at home they are unbeatable, on the road, not so much. Take last week, in a game they should have one, they let Tony frickin’ Romo look like Troy Aikman. And with a road game against an undefeated Saints team who is feeling pretty unbeatable right now, I have zero confidence in picking them to win this game.

Saints 38, Falcons 21

Bonus NCAA Picks:

There’s a couple top 25 match-ups this week so let’s pick them to make up for yesterday.

3. Texas Longhorns – 14. Oklahoma State Cowboys:

Texas is on a mission to prove they are a national title contender. After beating Oklahoma in a close game without Sam Bradford, the Longhorns need a signature win. This should be it, Oklahoma State is vulnerable without Dez Bryant, and this is where it comes back to hurt them. Colt McCoy will have a Heisman-type game and Texas shows why they are better than Bama.

Texas 35 – Oklahoma St. 17

5. USC Trojans – 10. Oregon Ducks:

USC is another team that wants into the national title picture. They have that blemish of a loss to Washington early this season, and to make voters forget that they have to win games like these. Alabama and Florida are on a collision course, one will lose in the SEC Championship game and drop out. Boise State is fourth in the nation, but let’s be real, there’s no way they play for the national title. So that leaves USC one Texas loss away from being in the drivers seat to the Title game. If you don’t think Pete Carroll knows this then you my friend are crazy.

USC 38 – Oregon 13

  1. The raiders qb is far better then your intramural team qb. Your intramural qb makes jamarcus russel look like a hall of famer!

    Keep up the good work!

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